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IzoldaFind Your Voice With Creative Communication!

Speak Your Words So Everyone Listens. Work In Harmony to Build Teamwork, Generate Creativity, and Thrive! Spark your written work with inspiration and style with Flash Your Fiction.

Learn communication techniques that will forge your relationships with colleagues, friends, and family. Build physical, mental, and emotional skills so everyone listens when you speak.

Join speaker, facilitator, and coach Izolda Trakhtenberg on this voyage to your richer, more creative, and abundant life through authentic communication, creative fire, and singing your life song.

Latest Testimonials

  • I left Izolda Traktenberg's "Flash Your Fiction" presentation feeling inspired and excited. Izolda is a talented presenter. Her style is warm, open, and engaging. Writers of all ages and experience levels benefited from this workshop, since the lecture was interesting and easy to follow. The exercises encouraged attendees to dive in however worked best for us. This dynamic teacher makes learning joyful with enchanting lessons that stay with you long after the session ends. -Carolee Noury, Maryland Writers' Association Board Member
  • "I enjoyed this meeting and getting past the thinking (overthinking, in my case) and into straight creative writing was so helpful. Great lesson." -Giselle Richards Calame, Publicity Chair, Montgomery County Chapter of the Maryland Writers' Association


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